Friday, 17 February 2012

DIY:Сандали с ресни

Днес случайно се натъкнахме на едно много интересно подобрение,което можете да направите на сандалите си.Открихме тази техника в сайта на Harper's Bazaar.
Ето я и нея:

How to: 
1. Cut the trim in half to create two pieces. 
2. In one end of the first piece of trim put a small hole with a thumb tack or pin. 
3. Through the hole thread a jump ring. 
4. Attach a length of chain or create a chain using your jump rings (the latter is what I did). 
5. In Ithe other end of the trim put another hole with a thumb tack and thread another jump ring. 
6. Attach one of the lobster clasps to the jump ring and then close it off. 
7. Repeat this process for the other piece of trimming. 

Източник: Harper's Bazaar

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