Sunday, 22 January 2012

For our international friends!

For those of you who speak English we will have regular posts in English too in order to make it easier for the people all over the world who have liked out page on Facebook.

from the United Kingdom,France,Greece,Japan,Slovakia,Spain,Germany,Turkey,Italy,the United States,Netherlands,Cyprus,Macedonia,Tunisia,Belgium,Serbia,Austria,Portugal,Egypt,Sweden and more!

We are so glad that you liked our page and you are following us to this blog as well,we really appreciate it!
I hope that you will find some more information for you here since we will post many articles and tips in English!It will be on both languages bulgarian & english! We are so lucky to have you all and be able to reach so many people all over the world!Here you will find fashion,hairstyle,clothing & interior design tips and also some "do it yourself" ideas!
Find yourselves here with us! :)

~ Vsichko za jenata

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